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Almo2Bar Thursday night party

ALMO2BAR swing
If you stroll through the Gràcia district, you will find everything from squares, shops, restaurants and charming bars. If you walk by Bruniquer 59, its door will not tell you anything special. But, like the best Speakeasies, and as they have been doing every Thursday evening for years, on 09-15th-2022 this door will open and 26 steps will lead you downstairs to an underground room with 200m2 of parquet where the best swing sounds.. It’s the Almo2bar (Foto by Vicenç Dorsé)
Bruniquer Street, 59-61, 08024 Barcelona

Casino Aliança del Poblenou Friday and Saturday night parties

The Casino was completed in 1944 to house the cultural activities of the Aliança del Poblenou, a local society founded in 1868. Its large hall houses theater, concerts, banquets and dances. It’s a 400 m2 space, elegant, with historical personality, excellent acoustics and, taking care of your knees, a perfect wooden parquet floor. Sometimes it feels as if the floor is also a dancer, bouncing with everybody.
Rambla del Poblenou, 42, 08005 Barcelona

Glorieta del Parque de la Ciutadella (Citadel) Jam + picnic Sunday morning

Glorieta Parc de la Ciutadella
In 1884, a park was built on the land where the military fortress that guarded the people of Barcelona had stood. In this park there is a monumental fountain built with some contribution by Antoni Gaudí. Above it there is chariot with four golden horses and below, four griffins, fantastic beasts with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, projecting a stream of water from its beaks. And in front of the fountain there is a music kiosk with wooden floor where 120 years ago a band was playing to entertain the bourgoisie that promenade in the park. And it is in this kiosk where the Bcnswing began organizing clandestine jams 20 years ago. This is where a lot of people have seen swing dancing for the first time and have come up with the question, “What is this dance? Where can I learn it?”
Glorieta Parc de la Ciutadella

Portal de la Pau Square Sunday afternoon end party with live music

Plaça Portal de la Pau BLE
If you go down the ramblas, at the end you will find the monument to Columbus, more or less from the same period as the Parc de la Ciutadella. Before 1850 there was a wall separating Barcelona from the port. The wall was opened to give access to travelers and the square was called the Portal of de la pau (Peace Gate) to commemorate the end of the Carlist wars in 1849. The building on the left is the old passenger terminal, built on 1907. Today you will not be able to embark here for Rome, but if you want you can take a trip through the port in a traditional “Golondrina”. And we will dance with the sea breeze that is just a few feet away.
Portal de la Pau Square, 08001 Barcelona

Royal Square Party with live music Saturday morning

Plaça Reial Barcelona BLE
Plaça Reial (Royal square) is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Barcelona, in neoclassical style, designed in 1848, with porches all around. It connects with the Ramblas, Carrer Ferran and Carrer Escudellers, and has been a meeting place for generations. There are several restaurants nearby and the venerable jazz temple, the Jamboree. There are palm trees planted and a fountain with the Three Graces, the daughters of Zeus who represent joy, beauty and creativity, qualities that we often find in swing jams, and which we hope will be present on the 09-17th-2022.
Plaza Real, 08002 Barcelona