Carolina Reapers Swing

Friday and Saturday – Casino

We already know what happens when Carolina Reapers Swing go on stage: the irresistible swing, the explosion of energy, the craziness — and not to forget the exquisite repertoire, the tenderness and the subtlety, the contrasts — and one sure thing: dancing won’t stop until that last note is played as they bring one hell of a party.

Fernando Morrison, musician and Lindy Hop dance instructor, called upon his favorite jazz musicians in Montpellier to create this swing dream team.

Four gifted and creative soloists: trumpet and singer Benjamin Faconnier, trombonist Sami Khalfoune, clarinetist David Tavani and saxophonist Mickaël Pernet. Behind them, the solid and swinging rhythm section: pianist Joseph Vu Van, guitarist and singer Audrey Leclair, drummer Arthur Defrain, and Fernando Morrison, bassist and band-leader.

Their performances are always surprising, full of inspiration and creativity, and you’ll never hear a song played twice the same way. Together they are a group of outstanding musicians and passionate individuals who take it upon themselves to make every Carolina Reapers Swing show a one-of-a-kind experience.

Carolina Reapers Swing

Doc Scanlon’s
International All Stars 

Saturday – Casino

Doc Scanlon's International All Stars

rom its start in New Orleans through its journey up the Mississippi to Chicago, New York, the USA, and then all over the globe, American Jazz has conquered the world with Hot Jazz, Dixieland, Big Band, Cool, Bebop and Jazz Rock.

Doc Scanlon’s eight piece internationally-spiced combo, based in Barcelona, Spain, will take the audience on a captivating musical trip through Jazz History with its Storyville stompers, Charleston Flappers, Swingin’ Lindyhoppers, Gypsy Jazzers, Red Hot Mamas and Cool Beret Beboppers. The music will be genuinely hot and played, sung and danced by some of the finest musicians in Europe. Expect to hear the best of such artists as Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee.

About Doc Scanlon: Your MC / Bassist / Lead Vocalist, Doc, originally from New York, has had a long and varied career with stops in NYC’s Swing 46 Club, Washington, DC’s Kennedy Center, Paris’s Le Caveau de la Huchette and Shanghai’s Blues and Jazz Club. With his Panama hat, sense of humor and ability to bring out the best in his band of charismatic musicians and singers, Doc is a sure bet to leave you smiling, satisfied and singing by evening’s end.

In the band: musicians from the USA, France, England, Russia and Catalunya, playing Bass, Drums, Guitar/Banjo, Clarinet/sax, Trombone, Trumpet and Piano.

María Esteban Quartet


Maria Esteban Quartet is a band mixing different styles and artistic influences. Their music brings together many classic references of the genre: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Nancy Wilson, Billie Holiday… Their repertoire has been carefully selected and the artists offer creatively crafted arrangements, on top of an original presence on the stage.

María Esteban Quartet

Voodoo Stomping Band


Voodoo Stomping Band

The Voodoo Stomping Band is a band of New Orleans swing and jazz that will have everyone dancing with their energy and good vibes!

It is a group of seasoned musicians with diverse musical backgrounds, from Balkans style, to Afrobeat and even Free Jazz. They color their sound with their longtime experience and will quickly have everyone on their feet!



  • Naná Rovira: Clarinet
  • Carlos Ródenas: Double bass
  • David Dorado: Banjo
  • Aurora Arenare: Trombone
  • Emilio Tarallo: Trumpet
  • Ugnė Danielė Reikalaitė: Guitar and vocals