This is an exchange

If you are visiting Barcelona and would like a local Lindy Hopper to host you in their home, you can fill in the hosting request form, stating that you are looking for accommodation. We will try to get as many spots as possible but in case we can’t find you a place at the end of this section you will also find a link to an affordable hostel near the main venue in Poblenou.
Similarly, if you live in Barcelona and want to host a Lindy Hopper coming from abroad, you can also fill in the same form, stating that you are offering accommodation, and which type.
Please fill in this form in advance so we can match all requests as soon as possible.

Host and visitor, the beginning of a new friendship?

If you have never hosted a Lindy Hopper from another country or another city in your home, or if you’ve never been hosted by a Lindy Hopper from Barcelona this information could be useful for you. Live it up on this swing dance weekend with a difference!


Get in touch with your guest in advance so you are aware of the date and time of their arrival.
On this website you will find information on how to get from the airport to the city centre, but remember to give them specific directions to your house.
If your guest needs to bring items such as towels, sheets, sleeping bag, etc. remember to let them know in advance, and also let them know if they will sleep in a bed, sofa or sofa bed, etc.
Do not worry if you cannot cook (you can always opt for some ‘pa amb tomàquet’ 🙂 ) or if you do not have a car: it’s not your responsibility to feed them everyday or take them on a tour around Barcelona, ​​but it will surely be appreciated if you give them directions about public transportation, landmarks, supermarkets and restaurants in your area.
Also, the whole point is that your guest stays with you during the Barcelona Lindy Exchange, but if they request to staying longer you should discuss it beforehand in order to avoid any misunderstandings.


Let your host know when will you be arriving/leaving.
Please ask if you need to bring items such as towels, toiletries, sheets, sleeping bag, etc.
If your host can not show you to all the jams or parties ask if they could give you directions to the various locations of the events (and especially for getting back home afterwards).
Similarly, remember that food is not included in the housing, so ask your host about the nearest supermarkets, grocery shops or restaurants.
Please be tidy and clean and remember that it never hurts to bring your host a small gift, such as a delicacy or a souvenir from your city. 
And most importantly… enjoy these days of swing dancing and good vibes in Barcelona!

Hotels and hostels.

If you opt to go to a hostel, we have found a hostel conveniently located:

The Amistat beach hostel:

Highly recommended by previous visitors, it is really close to the main venue in Poblenou, enjoys good vibes and offers a good quality/price ratio in shared dorms. Check out their site for further information.

If you book with them online entering the code SWINGBCN you will have a 10% discount.